• 10 Ways to Make Your Office More Cozy

    Winter can be such a grey, dull time of year especially after the excitement of snow and the festive season has worn off. So how can you make your office...

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    Building Positive Relationships with Editors

  • Building Positive Relationships with Editors

    You already know the importance of having your work published, but often the submission process can be pretty overwhelming. The comparison game is real and sometimes submitting ends up feeling...

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    How to Write Your Client’s Story

  • How to Write Your Client’s Story

    Writing doesn't come easy for most people. When you try to find the right words to explain what you saw, felt, or heard, you sometimes get a jumbled mess of...

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    Tips for planning a wedding styled shoot4

    3 Rules for Creating Styled Shoots Editors Will Love

  • How to Find Your Blogging Voice

    Whether you’re a full-scale wedding blogger, a vendor who shares current work as part of your website, or someone who only communicates though social media, you’ve probably come across the...

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    10 Ways to Make Your Office More Cozy

Are You Leaving This Crucial Information Out of Your Submission?

One of the Matchology features our users love the most is auto-fill vendor crediting. Our database includes over 25K wedding professionals worldwide, and when you enter a credit for a vendor who is already in the system, Matchology auto-completes it for you with the vendor's website and email address. It's...

How to Find the Right Blog for Your Submission

Want to know the secret to true submission success? It isn't just about getting published (although just seeing your work online or in print is always fabulous!). It's also about getting published in the RIGHT places. Location, location, location, as the saying goes! But while some vendors may think of...

Must-Have Shots for a Killer Wedding Submission

Wedding blogs are all different - each has their own guidelines and requirements for a successful submission. As such, there's no 'magic formula' for getting a real wedding accepted. However, there are certain shots and details that editors look out for, and that help us tell at a glance if...

Why Wedding Bloggers Choose the Images They Do

Next to sifting through wedding submissions via Matchology, selecting the images for blog posts is one of my very favorite aspects of my job as a wedding blog editor. There’s nothing quite like gorgeous photography to give you a real sense of a wedding, and the couple behind it. Of...