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Working in the wedding world is like being part of an elite team -it takes all kinds of talents to pull off an amazing event and success depends on every event pro giving their best. One of my favorite things about the event industry is how often that sense of teamwork extends beyond the wedding day and helps individuals thrive within the community. While we’re all striving to make our business the best and to build a career from our creative passion, it’s worth remembering that we’re not in this alone and that our community can bring success even closer.

creating a community in the wedding industry

Photo by Alexis June Weddings for Aisle Society

Join Local Vendor Groups

The wedding world has built a thriving base of invaluable networking communities for creative professionals to meet and connect. Nationwide organizations like the Wedding Industry Professionals Association and National Association for Catering and Events have individual chapters that hold monthly events to bring members together to build the community within their region. Educational series, inspirational designs, and the chance to be the guests at a perfectly hosted event for once make it more than worthwhile to meet once a month and grow your local team. Yearly events like Engage Summits and Oh So Inspired bring together wedding professionals from all around the world for days of inspiration and education, and the
chance get caught up on some of the hottest trends in the industry.

“Connecting with pros from all over the world is a fantastic way to break out from regional traditions and widen your horizons.”


Learn from Each Other

The wedding world is made up of a diverse group of talents, with new marketable skills emerging daily as trends shift and change. Attending creative workshops taught by fellow professionals are an amazing way to add new skills to your repertoire and connect with like-minded professionals. Take a workshop in flower arranging to gain the ability to add floral elements to crafted Instagram posts, add hand lettered details to personalize proposals after a class in calligraphy, or beef up your photography skills to capture your products in their best light.

Collaborate and Share

The Rising Tide Society’s premise centers on the benefits of mutual cooperation -lifting each other up instead of directly competing to ensure everyone’s success. It also reinforces the importance of collaboration when it comes to building your business, and that we can go farther together. Visit The insular wedding community thrives best when we build each other up, whether it’s taking the extra few minutes to hunt down social media handles to ensure everyone receives credit or reposting exciting news from a community member to share in their excitement.

The concept of creating a wedding community was one of the foremost goals when we created Aisle Society. The aim was as much to share gorgeous inspiration as it was to connect engaged couples directly with the professionals who could help them bring that inspiration to life. We could not be more proud to be part of an organization designed to celebrate the symbiotic relationship between bloggers and creators and help all of us grow together!

By Ariana Batz

Ariana created event design blog Hey Wedding Lady to share inspiration and planning tips while working as a Wedding Coordinator. What began has a side project quickly grew into a daily resource for wedding styling and event design focusing on features that tell a story through detailed and unique design. Ariana adores unexpected color combinations, perfectly styled dessert tables, and anything with sequins, in keeping with her blog's modern glam approach to design!

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