5 Powerful Ideas for Content Types for Wedding Pros

Last week I shared how to channel Oprah to help with writers block when it comes to blogging for your wedding business. Here are some powerful content ideas to help get you started!

wedding blogging tips

Pre-sell with FAQs

Write down a huge master list of all of the frequently asked questions you get from email inquires and in your consults. Then, turn each answer into a blog post.


Planners: How to find top quality vendors in your area. Venue reviews.

Photographers: How to look great in photos. How to look natural in photos when you hate getting your picture taken.

Makeup artists and hair stylists: How to look like you on your wedding day. Natural beauty for your wedding day. Classic beauty for your wedding day.

All: What to expect in a client consult; How to make the most out of your vendor consult; Why Bridal Magazines have it wrong when it comes to vendor consults and what to expect instead.

Show Off Your Amazing Competence with Case Studies

Get out of the “real wedding” rut and take real weddings a step further with case studies. These are real-life ways you do your job and serve your clients. Don’t call them case studies. Call it something like a “love story” or “client spotlight.” Name them by the problem or need that was addressed and don’t forget to include a location. Work with local photographers to use professionally captured images of your work.


Planners: “How We Helped one Bride Make her Biltmore Wedding Truly Magical for Christmas.”

Photographers: “How We Captured Dance Floor Moves at the St. Regis without Making Guests Look Awkward or Weird”

Hair Stylists: “How to Make Your Personal Style Match Your Bridal Style for a Woodland Wedding in Vermont”

All: Follow a basic outline of “Here’s what the client wanted; here’s how we helped her achieve it; here’s the end result.”

Build Authority with Local Tips and Reviews

Remember that you are location-based business. Couples are planning their wedding in the area you serve, so include location-based information whenever possible to drive organic SEO and highlight your expertise as a local vendor. Incorporate any benefits or quirks of your location into your editorial calendar.


Planners: Venue Review/walk through; day of emergencies and how to handle them, weather-related issues (humidity and attire, rain plan for each venue, common weather patters for each season in your locale: rain, snow, wind, heat, humidity, etc.)

Photographers: Tops vistas for portraits in your area; off-the-beaten path adventures for your portraits or anniversary session

Cake Bakers: Buttercream and humidity; transporting cakes in difficult situations (traffic in the middle of summer or winding rural roads), flavors based on fresh local flavors

Florists: Local and seasonal flower selections and bouquets; Local bloom calendar

Caterers: Local seasonal fare, harvest calendar, perfect foods for different situations (large weddings, summer, winter, etc)

Musician and DJ: Local-inspired music selections (Cosmopolitan jazz, casual bluegrass, culturally sophisticated classical, famous singers and conductors from the area).

Eliminate the Competition with Unique Preferences

Show off your uniqueness and preferences to attract your ideal client.


Planners: Design trends you are loving that are great for weddings, leverage Pantone’s color of the year and show fresh design ideas that incorporate it. Offer a new twist on an old design element (lace, mason jars, chandeliers).

Cake bakers and caterers: Your favorite unique flavor combinations. food trends you’re loving and not loving, cake decorating alternatives

Photographers: Photography trends to love and avoid, props for styling your portrait session, favorite venues, favorite architectural elements

Florists: Floral trends to love and avoid; your favorite flowers for each season and why, edible flowers for your wedding cake or garnish.

Musicians: New music for each part of the wedding. Classic selections for each part of the wedding.

All: Trends to love and avoid in your industry. i.e., Cake trends to love and avoid; playlist trends to love and avoid, reception decor trends to love and avoid, etc.

Become an Expert in Your Field

Help others in your industry. This helps you gain authority, respect among vendors, and attract inbound links which helps SEO.


Planners: Tips and tricks for difficult situations, Capturing weddings to satisfy the couple and to prepare for submission.

Cake bakers: How to articles and videos (packing and transporting cakes, making and decorating cakes, different techniques.

Photographers: Photography tips.

Florists: Flower recipes

Caterers: Recipes

Musicians: Equipment set up for challenging situations

Final Thoughts

The method for always having something awesome to write for your blog is simple, but it takes some forethought and a bit of time strategizing. Set aside a morning or an afternoon to brainstorm your content types and post ideas. Then get them onto your calendar. Once you have your foundation laid, sitting down to write is a lot easier. Not exactly easy, but easier. Good luck!

Christie Osborne

Christie Osborne

Christie Osborne is the blogger and editor behind Mountainside Bride, the place to plan a mountain wedding. She's also the Marketing Director at Mountainside Media, where she helps wedding professionals who struggle with wasting time and money on ineffective marketing to not just book more brides, but to discover and book ideal brides who pay vendors what they're worth and celebrate and allow them to do their best and most meaningful work.

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