4 Website Refreshes to Maximize Your Marketing

When is the last time you updated your website? Has it been two, five, or ten years ago? Or maybe your website hasn’t even changed since you launched your business. We update our social media pages daily with our latest work, accolades, and news, but often neglect to refresh our websites even a few times a year. I’m not saying that you have to do a complete site makeover, but a little “website botox” here and there keeps your brand looking fresh and current. Discover four website tips that will maximize your marketing efforts.

website update tips

Photo by Alexis June Weddings for Aisle Society

Does your website showcase current work and more importantly, the type of work that will attract your ideal clients?

If you want to book boho weddings, but your website showcases only ballroom events, how will potential couples know that farm tables, greenery, and flowers crowns are your specialties? One of the biggest website fails is when a site features photos that aren’t reflective of that business’ best work or are dated and out of style. Clients are going to know within seconds if your style matches theirs and if they want to learn more about you, or exit out to search for another vendor.

Do you have easy to find contact info, including social media links?

There is nothing more frustrating than visiting a website and not knowing how to contact that business.

“You MUST have your email address and valid social media links clearly visible!”


Make sure your social media icons link to your business page and not a personal page. What good does it do if a couple finds your site and wants to book you, but doesn’t know how to contact you?

Many sites chose a form as a contact method rather than an email address, and while I understand the reasoning behind this, it’s relevant if you have only clients reaching out. If another vendor or in our case, a publication, wants to contact you, we’re probably less likely to do so if we have to fill out a form. One of the main reasons you have a website is to get people to contact you, so don’t add barriers that make them think twice.

Does your website have a lead capturing system?

Clients aren’t always ready to contact you the first time they visit your site, but by capturing their email address you can stay in the forefront of their minds. Services like OptinMonster allow you to create notifications that ask viewers to enter their emails to subscribe to your newsletter or to receive a free download. Once you have your prospective clients’ emails, you can send tips for hiring someone in your field or advice as it pertains to your services. However, don’t bombard your email list with a bunch of self promotion.

Do you have a blog and when is the last time you updated it?

We could write an entire series about all the benefits of having a blog on your website. Sure you know that a blog showcases your work, but did you realize that your blog is huge factor in the success of your SEO? The average website only has a few pages, i.e. homepage, about us, services, etc. and most of those pages are picture heavy compared to the amount of text. However, Google scans your pages for “keywords” by reading the text on your pages. Having a blog allows you to add hundreds of additional pages to site your that you can make keyword friendly, rather than trying to awkwardly write them into your services page.

And lastly, if you are going to have a blog on your site. You have to update it. Very few things can diminish your brand more than having a couple see that your last blog post was from nine months ago. Don’t give them the perception that you haven’t done a wedding since then or that the weddings you have executed haven’t been something you want to showcase.

Anna Coats

Anna Coats

Anna Coats is the creator and editor of Marry Me Tampa Bay and founding member of the Aisle Society. Her online wedding publication has featured over 500 real weddings from Tampa Bay/Sarasota areas and also provides wedding planning tips and advice for engaged couples. With over 13 years of marketing experience, including leading a marketing team for a Fortune 500 company, Anna offers advertising, blogging and marketing solutions for local wedding businesses. Anna has appeared on Bay News 9, Fox 13, and the national talkshow Daytime as a wedding expert.

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