10 Ways to Make Your Office More Cozy

Winter can be such a grey, dull time of year especially after the excitement of snow and the festive season has worn off. So how can you make your office a haven? A place you enjoy bunkering down in as the months get colder? My mother taught me that coziness is the best way to get through anything, so here’s ten top tips to make your office a cozy place to be.

Cozy office space

Burn A Candle

Isn’t it a joy that candlelight can be almost free yet create such an impact in a space? I love nothing more than indulging in a beautiful candle for my workspace, especially as it gets colder and gloomier in winter months.

Add Soft Textures

Fluffy faux fur throws, knitted blankets, and a soft fluffy cushion for your chair can all make your space a welcoming place to be. (And don’t tell anyone but my own personal list includes a fluffy hat and fingerless gloves for extra cold days!)

Add Books & Reading Material

I am a big advocate of de-cluttering as much as you can from your office, but I also adore my books so I’m always stuck! Beautiful coffee table books really make a space a little more special. As a photographer you might add books of your favourite photos. Beautiful books of flower arrangements for a florist, or a pile of wedding books or business magazines can make your space somewhere inviting to curl up and enjoy.

Switch White for Wood

It’s a big thing to have a completely white space now and while I love the peace white brings, for cooler months I love the warmth and depth of wood tones. Switching out a white desk for a warm wood design, or for something smaller adding wooden trays to tables, a wooden coaster or wooden desk accessories can add a sense of warmth.

Light It Up

Nothing makes a space feel gloomier than it being too dark. Adding extra lamps, on side tables and your desk can not only make your space more cozy, but can also make you more productive when you can see what you’re doing!

Invest in a Coffee Machine

In my dream office, I have a coffee station complete with milk, sugar and all that good stuff. But in my real life, my coffee machine lives in the kitchen and is one of those things I look forward to on a cold morning. As an honest truth, my brain can’t comprehend a whizz bang coffee machine at 6am, so I use a pod machine. Even switching things up for a beautiful tea cup and tea pot instead a broken old mug may just add to the cozy sense of occasion.

Add Some Personality

Photos, travel memories, souvenirs, even lucky charms. It’s against the idea of clearing the clutter but I don’t really care because it adds personality and warmth and when everything sucks, it’s nice to look at your beloved and remember how it just doesn’t matter. It’s also lovely for clients to see a little insight into who you are.

Add A Touch of Mother Nature

What do you mean plants still exist with snow all around? It’s hard to believe when you’re inside four walls! Add a bunch of fresh (in season!) blooms, a beautiful plant (try a succulent if you’re worried about it’s lifespan!) or even a tree. They help with oxygen and positivity in an office space, so why not add one in?

Add Colour to the Walls

If dull days and white walls are getting you down, paint it up! Use a rich deep tone to really make your space warm and snuggly for Winter days.

Add Window Treatments

Get rid of boring blinds and consider thick linen style drapes, curtains in different textures and patterns can make a space completely transform and there’s nothing nicer as it gets colder than shutting the curtains to make your space cozy.

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